YOSHIMOTO R and C CO.,LTD & Musician Introduction

YOSHIMOTO R and C CO.,LTD & Musician Introduction

YOSHIMOTO R and C Co., Ltd engages in manufacturing
and distributing YOSHIMOTO KOGYO.,Ltd creative
contents in both physical (ie CD and DVD) and digital formats.

“R” stands for “Record” while “C” goes for “Contents”.
Our mission is to reform entertainment industry and
provide unique and versatile contents. We aim to build
firm, solid and long lasting partnership with comedians and artists.


Based in Tokyo’s Roppongi/Nishiazabu area, AYAMAN Japan host the nightly drinking party "Shiai (game)". As their highly entertaining performances at this event drew the attention of the scene,they started to become a media buzz,especially in the internet world and amongst school girls.

Sunakawa Erika

Sunakawa Erika is a unique singer, hails from Miyakojima Okinawa prefecture. Sunakawa still lives in Okinawa and has a caretaker career. “Grain of seed” a single released February 2009 has quite a story. Song was originally born from last words of one terminal patient. His words were passed onto people in Miyakojima and slowly turning into a song. Song was featured in documentary programs, spread all over Japan.


Jealkb is a Visual-kei band formed by haderu(Vo) and elsa(Dr.) in 2005. After only 10 months since the band started, they successfully made a one-man show at Ebisu Liquid Room. In 2006, they made its indie debut and released “metronome”, a debut single, and it topped an Indies chart.


2006 organization. In the 2010 existing system. The text that is sad kindly and sad sound to sing in a loud voice in a husky voice of Ryo Okuno. False sentimental Stage which there is not produced by the firm bond of four people is unmissable.

Naoto Kine

In 1984, I make my debut with Tetsuya Komuro, Takashi Utsunomiya as TM NETWORK. The solo activity starts from 92, too. In addition, I make my debut as a novelist in fantasy novel "CAROL" in 89. Of 600,000 copies make a big hit. I release 12 pieces of CD singles, album 14 pieces in solo activity so far. I put a novel, essay nonfiction together and, for a writer, release 23 books.


Selected from over 2,000 auditionees, L.A.F.U is made up of 16 young, handsome comedians. April 2011, L.A.F.U made a first public appearance. Their show includes singing, dancing and comedy. L.A.F.U plans more shows and gradually becomes centre in the en
Recommended track & Works
■“Wonderland”(Digital single)
■“Still in love”(DIgital single)


Sentimental melody with nostalgic lyrics is a key signature of Onso9line. Band formed in 2003. Only 2 years later, band made a major debut from Universal Music. In 2010, band moved to YOSHIMOTO R&C Co., Ltd and released a full album. Known for vigorous live performance, Onso9line has been a regular for chief music festivals in Japan.

Shinsengumi Lien

Shinsengumi Lien consists of 5 college students in Kansai area.Group was formed and debuted from a high rating TV program in 2009. Members regularly appear on TV shows and work as models for fashion magazines.